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First, I feel the need to share a story  with you that, frankly, makes me look like an idiot when it comes to my experience in exchanging timeshares. You'll see why I was reluctant to even include this story in about a minute... 
So Stay With Me...Deal?
Here's what's funny to me: Because I've been in the timeshare industry for many years, I get comments like...“You were probably always a timeshare exchange expert" while in fact, I was the exact opposite!
I Remember This As If It Were Yesterday: June 4th, 2002:

It was a gorgeous sunny day with a warm breeze blowing through my hair as I drove in a convertible

with the top down. 

I was wearing my favorite most comfortable shorts my wife had bought for me, a Tommy Bahama Shirt, sandals and sunglasses... I was with my beautiful wife of 7 years.
We had just landed on the island of Kauai, Hawaii and were on our way to our Timeshare Resort 30 miles north in the town of Princeville.
I was really excited because after 2 previous trips to Maui, I had finally convinced her to go to my favorite Island, Kauai, for our 7th anniversary. 
Now, the story you're about to hear is pretty bad in places, but this was the experience that led me from being like the average timeshare owner, settling for whatever mediocre exchange they gave me...

To being a Timeshare Exchange Expert. 

And I Think You Want That Too!

And it simply wasn't going to get any better unless I took action. And I did!

Despite knowing this, I guess I didn't feel it deep enough as I needed to experience one really embarrassing, horrific event to really get me on the path to unraveling the secrets to the exchange process, once and for all.

After Passing One Gorgeous Resort After Another...
timeshare exchange bible, sheraton
My stomach dropped when I saw the plain, small building that was the main office.  After checking in we drove to our condo thinking... "How bad could it be. Just look at this beautiful place?”
And Then My Worst Fear Came True:

No sooner had we walked in the condo than we realized our romantic, anniversary getaway was ruined... 

Just then, my wife called me to come and take a look at this awful bathroom and I couldn’t believe it when I saw the horrible old toilet and moldy shower!

My heart sank as i watched the joyful anticipation on my bride's face turn...

To A Look Of Utter Disappointment!

I felt like a total loser like someone who couldn't be trusted to even make a simple exchange let alone plan a romantic anniversary trip... 

And, worst of all I was now witnessing the anger building on my wife's face, like a cartoon character turning red with steam blowing out of their ears!

Right Then And There, 

I Made A Vow To Myself...

I will get this timeshare exchange thing figured out or I will die trying!  I swore I'd take advantage of my connections at RCI and II to pick the brains of the top pros to Discover the Secrets of how each system really worked... 

And armed with that information, I made a commitment to personally dissect 1,000 of my own client's exchanges to see what was really going on. I ended up formulating a...

Step-By-Step Blueprint...

That I've followed, and thousands of others have also followed, that can create massive success i

exchanging your timeshare! 

Today, I'm Going To Share It With You

 And save you the hassles and years of effort it took me to hone this system into perfection, so Keep Watching!

Keep in mind that, even though today I've been very successful helping folks  like you overcome all of the frustrations of doing a timeshare exchange,  I'm exactly like you are in so many ways... 

I just happened to figure out a really simple, step-by-step formula for the average person like you and me to see massive results when it comes to getting great exchanges.

This is a formula designed with you in mind, and tailored for folks like us... who demand more. 

You’ll have extreme and total confidence along with the ability to get the ...

  Exchange that you really want...   When you want... 

  With just 1 phone call!

This is the system I've used to be able to book 5 exchange weeks back-to-back In Europe 2 years in a row, along with yearly exchanges to Marriott, Westin and other top resorts in Hawaii. 

And It's The Same Exact System 

I'll be sharing with you today, so you can finally experience results like these for yourself! I'm going to reveal 3 key components to my system within this presentation, so keep watching. Yet before I do: 

I need to let you in on what your real problem with exchanging is today.

This is the invisible villain behind why you can't get the exchanges you want and it's keeping you from achieving success. The hidden reason behind your struggle with your exchange request is the fault of RCI and II and…  

Not Your Fault!

So please, stop beating yourself up with your challenges with exchanging your timeshare. The sad fact is that you've been unknowingly lied to for years when it comes to getting the exchange you want.

And these lies are the reason you've been let down in the past. You may have heard, or perhaps even believed at one point, one of the lies...

That Really Makes Me Angry!

That you have to own in a Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton to get the exchange that you really desire. 

What a load of nonsense - please, if you have ever believed this, stop right now! I'll explain why in a moment... 

Just know this: countless other smart men and women have fallen victim to this rather clever lie, yet you have to lay it aside right now... 

If You Don't...

You'll never enjoy the biggest benefit of owning a timeshare! You will either end up...

  •   Going to your home resort every year...
  •    Accepting a 2 star resort...
  •    Lose your week after paying your maintenance fee!

And, you may even give up altogether and sell your timeshare for pennies on the dollar. We both want more for you than this, right? Of course!

So Keep Watching!

Another of the timeshare industry's most prevalent lies has to be that  "Not Available" means you'll never get that exchange. That's just nowhere near the truth!

If you are like the majority of timeshare exchangers and have been victimized by this completely inaccurate lie, then you need to hear the truth now because if you don't, you'll find yourself lowering your expectations just trying to find something, anything that's available, OR...

Hang up the phone to never call back believing nothing is ever available...AND

You may even decide that the whole thing is a scam... That the exchange just doesn't work!

This Is Not What I Want For You, And I Know It's 

Not What You Desire For Yourself!

Here's another one of the lies told by unethical salespeople that angered me the most:

 Exchanging Your Timeshare Is As Simple 

As Booking A Hotel Room!

When you find out how this lie got started, you'll really be steaming!


If you are one of the millions that have fallen victim to this lie, then you need to decide now to accept the truth because, if you don't, you'll be approaching the exchange process completely wrong.

You will end up frustrated because you won't understand why it's not working AND...

You May Even Decide That Buying Your Timeshare Was 

The Biggest Financial Mistake You Have Ever Made! 

I think we can both agree that this is not in your best interest and besides, I desire more for you!

And this is the reason your struggle with exchanging is Not Your Fault.

Blame the unethical or uneducated timeshare salesperson. The lies that these unscrupulous salespeople tell about exchanging timeshares are so clever, so convincing, that they fool the smartest of us, including me.

I Fell For All These Lies For Years...
The truth is, booking a hotel room is very different than doing a timeshare exchange.  Unlike booking a last minute hotel room, you should never wait to bank your week until you know where it is you want to go!   

I'll explain why in just a moment...

So Keep Watching!

This commonly held misconception came about by salespeople not understanding the real process of exchanging and, wanting to make the exchange process seem as easy as possible in order to make more sales… 

Now that you know  just one of the problems…That your ability to get the exchanges you want has been held back for years due to these lies...

Let's Dive Into The 3 Tips 

I Have For You Today...

These exact tips were my personal exchange gold mine, putting me on the road to the success I have today, and you soon will have. Just remember, I'll be sharing my most important, life-changing tip LAST!  

So Keep Reading This Until The End

Tip number 1 may seem too simple to even be called a tip but don't be fooled. It's just one of the things you can do to either supercharge your exchange power- Or Destroy It! 

About the only advice RCI and II give regarding exchanging is...


  "Bank Early And Request Early."
 Good advice but they don't explain the "WHY" behind it... 

And once you understand that, you'll be on the road to getting the exchanges you want.

Tip #1

The reason you want to bank your week as far in advance as possible is because the earlier you bank your week, the more exchange power you enjoy,                                                                                        



If I bank my week even 1 minute before you, everything else being equal, I have More Exchange Power than you. 



(Now stay with me on this because it's going to sound counter intuitive)

As I mentioned, you don't have to know where you want to go in order to bank your week! 

You only really need to know that you're not going back to your home resort for your next vacation.

If you know that then bank your week as far in advance as possible and decide later where you want to exchange to. 

I Can't Emphasize Too Greatly How Essential This First

 Simple Tip Is To Your Exchange Success!

And when coupled with the next 2, you'll be on the road to dominating the exchange process. 

Tip #2

Tip 2 is the first part of what I call "The Impossible Request."

Once You've Banked Your Week, Avoid At All Costs, 

NOT Putting In Your Exchange Request Within 24 Hours!

(Just hang in there with me as I'm about to reveal one of timeshare's littlest known and most effective

 exchange secrets!) 

Most people quite naturally believe that you must know when and where you want to go in order to put in an exchange request. However this isn't true: Here's what will happen if you do avoid putting in a request within 24 hours of banking your week...

You will severely limit your exchange power and never get into the best resorts!

Here's The Insider Secret Of How To Do This: 

If you don't know where or when you want to go for vacation, simply request the nicest ski resort for Christmas or New Year's just to get the exchange process started...

In RCI the St. James place in Beaver Creek is a good bet, and in II the Hyatt Grand Aspen is another. The people who own those weeks paid upwards of $100,000 or more and never give them up. That's why I call this an

"Impossible Request!" RCI and II call this an "Ongoing or Pending Request".

Just Doing This One Tip Will...
  •   Increase Your Exchange Power 
  •   Give You A Higher Exchange Priority 
  •   Give You Easier Access To The Best Resorts...

Because you started your request so early. 

Now I'll Be Revealing Part 2 To "The Impossible Request" 

That Ties It Altogether In Just A Bit. 

So Keep Watching!

Just picture it:

By making this one simple change along with some of the others I'll be sharing with you today, you'll have supreme confidence in your ability for your friends and family...To wake up in the one resort you never thought you'd be able to exchange into, feeling like a billionaire! 

That's Not All...

You'll look forward to doing this again every year and, traveling all over the world in luxury and style. Your friends and colleagues will be stunned when they see you effortlessly achieving the most fabulous timeshare exchanges when they still act as if exchanging a timeshare is more difficult than winning the lottery!  

It's amazing that you can experience all these benefits, just by placing an  “Impossible Request” within 24 hours of banking your week rather than waiting until you know where you want to go! 

And It's About To Get Even Better!

Now I'll be sharing my most vital tip when it comes to becoming a master at getting the exact exchanges you want: 


Without using this tip, you can forget about those other tips I just shared with you. This tip is that crucial! 

This simple tip is the crux to the “Exchange Equation”, one more key to being able to go...  

  •    Where You Want...
  •    When You Want...
  •    With Just 1 Phone Call!

This tip actually forces you to take the dream vacations you never before thought possible. 

This is the second and most vital part of "The Impossible Request", and it's used by virtually every successful timeshare exchanger, whether they know it or not! 

If you want to be an Exchange Rock Star, then use this tip no matter what.

Tip #3

When you go to make a request, your exchange network is going to look at 7 criteria, two of which I have already mentioned... banking and requesting in advance... that determine your exchange power and the likelihood of your request being confirmed… 

When making a request most people give up when told their request is "not available" or start a pending request that day and wait for their confirmation! 

However, if you followed my first tip of banking early, you already have an existing request called “The Impossible Request”. And that request was Time-Stamped ages ago and here's the big secret...

Never Cancel That Original Impossible Request!

Instead, when you do know exactly where it is you really want to go,  simply add those resorts to your already existing request! And as if by magic, the exchange system time-stamps your added request all the way back to your original “Impossible Request” date giving you leverage over anyone requesting the same thing after you.  

So my system takes advantage of both banking early, followed in a specific way with the impossible request.

The Result...

You get that impossible exchange into your dream resort. Because you placed your original request so early, you "Leap Frogged" over all of the other people currently requesting the same thing! So, you've tricked the exchange system into giving you much more exchange power plus... 

With None Of The Endless 

Frustration And Waiting!

Increasing your priority through placing an impossible request in a very specific way gives you the freedom no other exchange formula can offer you. You actually use other people's lack of knowledge as a tool to quickly and easily get the exchanges you want.  

The entire formula I've uncovered and perfected over the years, which I'm about to reveal to you, gives you the ability to go where you want, when you want, plus,

Talk About Incredible! 

Just Picture It For Yourself.

timeshare exchange bible, family on beach

Here you are sitting on the beach at your luxury resort drink in hand watching your family having the time of their lives, feeling awesome about yourself. When all of a sudden, your best friend sitting next to you, clinks glasses with you and smiles, happy to have been invited along. And he marvels at you: 

"How on earth are you able to get this 5 star

resort with your timeshare? You were ready to give up

on exchanging forever! What's up?

Here's What's Up...
You now know an important part of the formula! The secret to working the exchange network that guarantees you can get the exchanges you want year after year, going to all your favorite vacation spots, and do it all easily and effortlessly every time!
These Proven Success Tactics, And So Much More, 

Are Yours For The Taking Starting Today!

I think you'll agree that I've covered some really valuable tips with you today and you may  be feeling a bit overwhelmed or confused, and that’s okay. Essentially, you have two choices. And regardless, you'll choose one of the two today:

Choice 1:

Take the information in this presentation and try to go at it all alone. You never know, you may put all of the rest of puzzle pieces together eventually on your own. Sure, it will take a lot longer and there's no guarantee you'll make it. Or, there’s…

Choice 2…The Savvy Choice!

The choice most everyone takes who is ready for successful exchanges. Let me now show you the smartest, most powerful and simple step-by-step solution to timeshare exchange success you deserve.

Why risk failure and frustration trying to figure all of this out by yourself, when I've done the hard work for you?

I've put in the decades of research and put together the formula to Timeshare Exchange Success 

all with folks like you in mind. 

One that's been tested for years by thousands of successful exchange enthusiasts and proven

to work guaranteed! It’s called...

The Timeshare Exchange Bible

Hi, I'm Jeff Pierce, the creator of the "Timeshare Exchange Bibles " for RCI and Interval International, the world's first and only A to Z system that allows you to exchange into the best timeshare resorts worldwide with Just One Phone Call!

This tested, proven, and efficient blueprint for timeshare exchange success can work for any timeshare, even if you have a low demand resort or week, and especially if you've never exchanged before or can't plan in advance. In other words, no matter what you own, you will be guaranteed far better exchanges by applying the tips, techniques, strategies and secrets found only in the Timeshare Exchange Bible.  

Even If You Believe You've 

Seen And Tried Everything!

Now to save your time and mine let me be upfront and tell you what the Timeshare Exchange Bible is not... just so you know exactly what you are about to experience.

The Timeshare Exchange Bible isn’t the “Same Instructions” you've already seen in your exchange directory (which is basically to bank early and request early. There's so much more to it)  OR...

Some “flimsy little report” with a few well-known recommendations that will do you little or no good, OR...

For someone who expects to call RCI or II in October and get Christmas in Hawaii. You've been lied to enough by unethical timeshare salespeople and those sleazy timeshare resale companies. This is the Bona Fide real deal! 

I've Taken…
  •   What I have learned in more than a quarter century in the industry… 
  •   Combined that with the knowledge I mined from RCI and II representatives,
  •   Added to that what I have personally learned from making more than 50 of my own exchanges...
  •   Added to that what I learned from analyzing the successful exchanges of 1,000 of my own personal clients!
Starting Today Their Success 

Can Be Your Success Too!

The success patterns I studied and duplicated gives you the freedom to easily get the exchanges you want when you want…with just one phone call! All while you renew your romance, bond with your family, enjoy new adventures and exchange into the best resorts in the world so you can finally enjoy the fabulous vacations you absolutely deserve. 

Before we go one step further it’s only fair that I be 100% absolutely honest with you:

If you're looking for that one step "Magic Pill" timeshare exchange answer or another "Timeshare for Dummies" book that you already know will never, ever work for you, then you need to close this video and perhaps pay a visit to… 

The Timeshare Exchange Bible isn’t pie-in-the-sky fantasy land nonsense. It’s the real deal, and is only for folks like you who are really serious about getting the best exchanges. In short there are no “EASY” answers to exchanging your week but the Timeshare Exchange Bible makes getting the exchanges you desire as easy as it gets!

So if you're like most folks watching this presentation and you're 100% ready for real answers to getting the exchanges you desire, here's what you're going to receive:

 If You Really Want To...
  •    Renew your romance
  •    Bond with your family
  •    Meet new people
  •    Enjoy new adventures
  •    Relieve stress

All while enjoying the best vacations of your life and without spending the entire year in frustration trying to get your exchange confirmed, Then the Timeshare Exchange Bible isn't just "A" solution for you…

It’s The Only Solution For You!

Here Is What People Who Have Already 

Used The Bible Are Saying:

timeshare exchange bible, testimonial
Before I only dreamed of Hawaiian and Caribbean  vacations, I'm now considering taking my mother to Africa and that 

liberation is solely due to your Bible.


 Mrs. Dren James  

timeshare exchange bible, testimonial
"Your suggestions were immensely helpful particularly with our plans to visit Hawaii. Although we have several timeshares, the trade process always seems to be rather complex."

Thanks so much!

Karen Azlin

timeshare exchange bible, testimonial
I feel very privileged to have what feels like insider trade secrets. The comment I received from II was "I see that you have done this before" which of course was not true.

Jace Horwitz

So Let’s Take A Look At What You'll Receive Today

 Inside The Timeshare Exchange Bible:

On pages 35-44 you'll discover the many different ways to strategize your request such  as

"The Straddle" and “Multiple Region Search.” I call this the "Strategic Request" and guarantees you'll 

get the exchange you want. 

On page 14 you'll find "The 7 Criteria That Determine Your Exchange Power" which will give  you an 

unfair advantage over other timeshare exchangers when it comes to supercharging  your exchange power. 

On pages 39-40 you'll see a case study on how Rob and Cathy employed "The Strategic Request" to do one of the most difficult exchanges you'll ever encounter… getting Christmas week in a ski resort! 

On page 16, you'll find "Insider Secret #5" the brain dead simple way you can increase your exchange power immediately. A method that works for virtually everyone who applies it! 

As you've probably noticed by now, The Timeshare Exchange Bible is by far the Easiest and Fastest way to become an expert on mastering RCI or II on the market today as it allows you the fastest way to get confirmed into the most desirable resorts in the world.
And it goes without saying that this makes your life much easier. In fact many bible owners report they are getting the best exchanges ever in the shortest amount of time with just one phone call!
And That's Amazing Considering They Are Seeing These Results And Experiencing Vacations Like These...
Beach Vacations
Family Vacations
Golf Vacations
Vacations Abroad
Romantic Vacations 
Your Favorite Vacations Go Here Folks! 
Now, you may believe that a system that can do all of that for you, and much more, costs a

pretty penny... And, in all honesty it really should. After all, this system has helped thousands of folks

just like you enjoy some of the best times of their lives experiencing Five Star vacations.

I'll get to the price in just a few moments. First I want to share a few other unique benefits this 

one-of-a-kind system will deliver to you:

You'll Discover The Number One Thing You Absolutely

 Must Avoid Saying At All Cost When Banking Your 

Week In Order To See The Results You Desire. 

That's “Insider Secret #12” and is covered on page 20. You'll also discover some really clever ways to

make planning your exchange an absolute blast! 

I've proven that exchanging a timeshare can and should be enjoyable and I want to share those secrets 

with you too Plus: 

I'll be revealing all of the exact steps, secrets and the specific times to do them so you can make just One

Phone Call to RCI or II and get the exchange you really desire when you really, really want it!

Yet You're Not Just Receiving The Timeshare Exchange Bible Today! 

Just for watching this presentation I’d like to give you FREE OF CHARGE these value added bonuses to help you enjoy your timeshare exchange vacations even more!

what to pack for any trip, timeshare exchange bible, bonus

Your First FREE Gift Is...

"What to Pack for Any Trip"

The last thing you want to happen when you go on vacation is to get to your destination, unpack and realize you forgot something.

Whether it's an item that's expensive to replace but necessary, or just and inconvenience. That will never happen again if you use these handy packing lists. 

Whether you're going to vacation on the beach, snow skiing, taking the kids to Orlando or traveling abroad, you'll have everything you need.


              Your Second Free Gift Today Is

  "The Natural Disaster Preparedness Guide"

 The last thing on your mind when you leave for vacation is preparing for a natural disaster. But they happen all over the world every single month of the year. 

 This report contains What to Do before during and after an earthquake tsunami or hurricane. You'll now be prepared with all of the information you need to comfortably and safely travel 12 months of the year to any area of the world you choose. The information in this guide could literally Save Your Life and the Lives Of Your Family.

almost free, timeshare exchange bible, bonus
Your 3rd Free Gift Today Is...

"Almost Free: The Definitive Guide to Bargaining in Mexico."

This special report will save you hundreds of dollars while buying gifts and souvenirs in Mexico or any bazaar in the world. The vendors on the beaches and shops in Mexico are some of the best salespeople anywhere at extracting the most money from you for their products. 

This valuable guide will put you on equal ground so you can get a fair price NOW!

Now you can see why the Timeshare Exchange Bible is valued at $97. Even without the bonuses, this is a steal. 
timeshare exchange bible, bonuuses, the timeshare exchange expert

And If You Bought The Bible And 

All 3 Bonuses By Themselves ...

Your total investment would be Over $150! However, just for watching this presentation today I have a…

 Much Better Deal Coming Your Way…

Of course, you could choose to continue on the path you're on right now and pay 10, 20, maybe even 100 times this much money in the near future in the form of paying for hotel rooms because... 

You Can't Get The Exchanges You Want!

Or for paying for those resort vacations you do take. Not the fabulous timeshare resorts! 

No we’re talking about the ones you are forced to buy because you can't get the exchanges you 

desire year after year? 

And let's not forget about the initial cost of your purchase and the yearly Maintenance Fees that just

keep going on every year, that's a real killer! And neither of us see that as your future, right?

So, Let's Just Make This A Really 

Easy Decision For You Today, Okay?

I feel you deserve to know why I’m about to offer you such a Massive Discount today.  Not to

sound corny, but I have a dream. It's really a cause and I’d love for you to be a part of it along with

the thousands of other folks just like you, who desire to... 

Reinvent Their Vacation Lifestyle...

Reinvigorate Their Relationships…

To replace that horrible feeling that they made one of their worst financial decisions ever with knowing

that from now on they will be...

 Staying In Luxurious Villas

 All Over The World

And above all, sharing those precious vacations they'll take in their lifetime with their family and friends!

A few years ago, I set an inspiring goal. I dedicated myself to helping at least 1,000,000

timeshare owners finally understand how to use their timeshare the way they originally intended, to see

the world and keep taking great vacations for life!

Since then I have helped thousands and thousands of owners do far more than just understand the

exchange process. Yet I thought that was a good start because, there are now tens of thousands of 

timeshare owners enjoying the best exchanges of their lives.

Can You Imagine It?

How much more joy that has created? How many more happy family memories that have been made?

I wanted to see timeshare owners that had spent thousands, even Tens of Thousands of dollars take 

advantage of one of the biggest benefits of owning a timeshare now.


                                                    Exchanging It To Other Great Locations Around The World!

How many other people would be inspired by this cause? The bottom line: I decided that I absolutely need to let as many folks as possible join in this cause, a cause I call:

1 Million Exchanges Strong!
The good news? That means a much lower price for you because I want you to join the cause and I don't want “finances” to stop anyone. That means that TODAY you will NOT be paying the Retail Value of the Timeshare Exchange Bible and the Bonuses.

Not Even Close!             

So Your Investment Today Will Not Be $150

Not Even Half That!

Not Even $39!

Your total investment today, which includes:                                         

EITHER The II Timeshare Exchange Bible OR The RCI Timeshare Exchange Bible 

And all 3 of the Bonuses you see below you is ...

timeshare exchange bible, free bonuses
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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Listen: don't decide right now. Take advantage of my unconditional Triple Guarantee: Just try either

one of The Timeshare Exchange Bibles for yourself for a full 60 days. 

  •  If you don't feel like you are equipped with the knowledge to get the exchanges you 
  • most desire  in those 60 short days, or
  •  You don't experience a much higher level of resort properties you exchange to or,
  •  Even if you just don't like the way the books are designed, the font face I used, 
  • you name it...
I'll Gladly Refund Every Penny

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